Mau Lynx - "Only You" 
Official Music Video
Co-directed with Yesenia Rodriguez, we ideated the concept and directed the official video for Puerto Rican artist Mau Lynx's single "Only You", which was featured on Remezcla.
The video explores a story of unbridled passion between two young lovers, where it is unclear if it is real or just a dream... or which one of them is actually dreaming.
Video Credits
Director/Editor: Félix De Portu
Co-Director: Yesenia Rodval
Producer: Yeya Monroig
DP: Ricardo J. Santana
MU: Melanie Rodríguez
Wardrobe: Yayi Pérez
Cast: Valeria Pomales / Gianni Perlloni
Casting Director: Grego Nieves

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